Knowledge is not a service;

it's a given.​

Business intelligence isn’t a buzzword for us. It’s the source of inspiration that guides everything we do.

We live and breathe this stuff, too. 

At The Marek Group, we bring value to our clients through thought leadership in sales and marketing effectiveness by recommending the use of the right content, at the right time, and in the right medium to help drive our client’s desired results.

40 years in the making and we just keep getting better; we thrive on helping companies capitalize on their marketing resources from conception to distribution.

We are experts in field sales effectiveness, providing the experience, knowledge and technology tools to help clients drive cost savings, empower salespeople with a “self-service” support model and make the most out of marketing and sales budgets. We help companies to transform they way they gather, manage, recommend and distribute their sales and marketing content to the field.


We empower companies with large field sales networks to drive their channel sales up and their cost of sales down. It works by recommending the right content, at the right time, and in the right medium to the right audience to help drive the desired results. 

Industry research has proven that sales people in the field who can leverage personal, localized, and customized content at the time they need it are not only more likely to close deals faster, they do so with less cost to their organization. And that is what we help our clients achieve - higher revenue with less cost. 

At The Marek Group, it’s about the way we think. We are engaged with our clients from beginning to end - helping to execute their strategy as a partner throughout our relationship.  We consult. We drive innovation. We develop software solutions. We manufacture. We distribute. We provide real-time business intelligence. 

It’s who we are. It’s how we think... 


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Visionary Officer


Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Our doctrine to create a united force for enabling sales effectiveness.


We will uncover sales and marketing gaps by understanding the current and desired state of our clients' sales & marketing organization.


We will amplify our clients’ sales & marketing efforts from corporate to the local sales level, by recommending the most effective sales tools for each situation.


We will deliver to our clients’ field sales team the right message, at the right time, with the right offer, in the medium they choose to help maximize outcomes.


We will add value to our clients by providing real-time data, metrics, and analytics specific to boost the performance of their field sales & marketing efforts.


We will utilize technology and automation in all aspects of our business to provide an efficient and optimized marketing supply chain for our clients.


We will always work in the the best interest of our clients and recommendthe quickest, most cost-effective solution to achieve their objectives. 

"Tami Marek-Loper, President, is also an out of the box thinker, who offers additional solutions to enhance the offering, often exceeding her customer’s expectation."

 - Mike Esposito 

Vice President of Operations


"Jay is an incredibly smart and strong leader with a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and a knack for leading the development of challenging and demanding initiatives successfully. I had the pleasure of working with Jay on a large and complicated United Healthcare and he was successful at leading the team to a very successful finish"

- Ann Martinson

Senior Marketing Associate


Fuzzy Marek leads his team to do exceptional work for his clients. He and the compnay he leads have always done a fanstatic job for us and our clients. We look forward to many years of working together as a true partnership.

- Mauricio Acosta


Acosta Design