How to Choose a Sales Content Management Solution with High Adoption

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Improving the effectiveness of person-to-person selling activities is a vital issue for companies operating in many industries. The never-ending quest to improve sales productivity has caused many companies to create a dedicated sales enablement function in their organization and to invest in channel sales enablement technologies.

But like many technology solutions, the value produced by a channel sales enablement solution depends largely on how widely the solution is adopted and used by a company‚Äôs sales reps. This white paper describes the six attributes that are needed to entice sales reps to adopt and consistently use a channel sales enablement solution..

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  • The six key attributes of a channel sales enablment solution

  • How to drive adoption with sales rep using a newly implmented technology

  • Why omni-channel content is critial to engage multi-generational sales teams with the system

  • What benefits an effective channel sales enablement solution will provide