Find efficiencies. Find profits.

The more we know, the more you save. We don't put bandaids on your symptoms, we dig deep to find the root cause of your sales and marketing problems in the field - and fix them.

Do marketing better and spend less doing it.

Our clients actually save up to 30% in cost of sale expenses by identifying operational inefficiencies and streamlining the marketing supply chain.


Field Sales Enablement

Abandon “one-size-fits-all” marketing and focus on sales enablement by targeting prospect’s unique needs and increasing close rates by up to 10 percent.​

Field Sales Intelligence

Our sales effectiveness rating makes it easy to find the best resources for specific prospects, so salespeople will use them more often to close more deals.​

Print & Direct Marketing

Print and send precisely what you need, exactly when and where you need it. No more boring and outdated brochures, catalogs or sell sheets.​​

Promotions & Incentives

Not just brand-appropriate – brand driven. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter promo items and keep your brand front-and-center long after sales delivered the message.


Fulfillment & Distribution

Unity without uniformity. Arm your field sales professionals with the content they demand and delivered when expected. We guarantee it with 99.9% accuracy and on-time delivery.

Field Sales Support

Give your sales team a resource they can actually use. Our live field sales support team will guide them through their questions quickly and efficiently so they can move on to the next sale.

We have more than 40 years of experience developing and implementing technology-driven solutions for companies looking to efficiently manage 100% of their marketing resources from conception to distribution adding double-digit savings to their bottom line.


"We took full advantage of the real-time, integrated anyalytics and found a huge hole in our distribution process. Once we were exposed to our freight costs by order, we added an approval process and saved over $150,000 in the first quarter alone."

Managing Director - Client Services

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

"Our distributor partners were craving co-branded collateral but we didn't have the staff to consider this request. Implementing Field Sales Automation, allowed us to offer personalized sales and marketing collateral, paid for by our partners - all without adding people.

Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Global Industrial Manufacturing Company

"The company depends on revenue surrounding major weather events. The Marek Group helped us automate direct marketing campaigns through our channel partners by contacting prospects just ahead of the storm. This is revolutionary for our orgainzation"

Vice President - Sales & Marketing 

Fortune 1000 Power System Manufacturer