A unified force for enabling sales effectiveness.

Spend less time and money on the field sales support and more time focused on your customers.

Field Sales Support

Ensuring your field sales network receives accurate, timely, and helpful support is critical to adoption rates and overall sales engagement. Trying to have your internal staff field be productive in their day job while being interrupted by these spontaneous calls all day long is not a recipe for success. There is a better way. 

Utilizing The Marek Group’s Field Sales Support team ensures that all calls and emails are responded to immediately and with professionalism from a team who are trained to handle these requests. But it doesn’t stop there. 

We close the feedback loop with support reporting so you know what is happening in the field at any given time. You will be surprised at the reasons your sales team needs support, and wonder why you never knew this information before. 

With the right support team in place, you can be sure to properly service your field and drive adoption. We’ve got your back.


Field Call & Email Support

  • Have your own 800 number and email address directed to our support team who represents your brand
  • Pool of highly qualified, trained, and certified call support technicians for rapid response
  • Field support for questions on orders, returns, shipping, product, credentials, technology, training, and more
  • Call and email coverage from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CST

Field Support Data & Reporting

  • All calls and emails are logged with user, date, time reason for the call and resolution if applicable
  • Support reporting sent on a set schedule to meet your needs – typically weekly
  • We help to identify trends in field support to better meet the needs of the field going forward
  • Common suggestions may include content enhancement requests, site functionality training needs, requests for personalization, and more