Measure twice, and then measure again.

Take trial-and-error out of your vocabulary and recommend to your field sales teams precisely the resources proven to work best for each target.

Field Sales Intelligence

There is nothing more important than good, actionable data to drive a business forward. Likewise, outdated and inaccurate data – or worse, simply unavailable data, can drag a company completely to its knees.

At The Marek Group, the secret sauce behind our success in driving field sales organizations to new heights is all about solid, accurate, accessible and real-time data feeding our recommendation engines and management dashboards.

We use numerous data sets from multiple disciplines including field sales, marketing supply chain, CRM and more to feed our proprietary algorithms designed to deliver the right insights, to the right people, at the right time to ultimately drive field sales up and your cost of sales down.


Field Sales Effectiveness

  • Intuitive visuals for the field

  • Sales Effectiveness Rating (SER) guides field users to content most likely to yield success

  • SER continues to learn and refine recommendations as data changes over time

  • SER helps refine user search functionality to deliver intuitive faceted search results

  • History of campaign results

  • Faceted search for traditional workflow to help users find desired material quickly

Marketing Dashboard

  • Intuitive visuals for marketing management

  • Top and bottom performing content, tactics, and media

  • Top and bottom performing copy, images, and offers

  • Multi-channel, multi-step campaign results

  • Site effectiveness and field usage

  • Top and bottom trending activity on the site 

  • Shopping cart abandonment rate

  • Time between site visits

  • Popular pages and navigation paths

Operations Dashboard

  • Intuitive visuals for operations management

  • Inventory insight including dollars on-hand, age of inventory, and number of turns

  • Warehouse management including on-hand inventory, usage by item and user, destroys, demand planning and more 

  • Freight analysis by carrier, item, and user

  • Returns information by item and user

  • Performance of supply chain service level agreements

  • Complete marketing supply chain spend analysis